About American Flat Nevada

  A Ghostly Relic of the Comstock Lode

From 1922 until 1926 the United Comstock Mill, set in the wilderness near Virginia City, was the largest and most sophisticated operation of it’s kind in the United States. Then, suddenly, when the gold dried up it closed. But unlike lots of other abandoned American landmarks the mill didn’t fade away. In the ensuing eight-plus decades, as a mere shell it turned into, among other things, a gritty sightseeing attraction, romantic rendezvous location, party zone, iconic photography subject and perhaps Nevada’s single greatest canvas for graffiti art.

In November 2014 it finally met its demise by wrecking crew to the disappointment and anger of hordes of admirers who have made the visiting treck repeatedly over the years to marvel, gawk at and be inspired by it’s otherworldly splendor. During my many days spent there photographing before the end I met people of all sorts from places near and far who came up to get a last look. A sampling of images from this amazing place can be seen on my website.

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