About Pixeltones

  Is it a painting or a photograph?
Is it realistic or ideal? Perhaps a dream? A whimsical caprice? A place apart from itself?

They begin with a single digital photo and proceeds in whatever direction the image suggests. Most are single shots, while others are composites. But they are not invented fantasies, rather an impression of place and mood centering about the initial image, although not necessarily as originally captured. Day can become night and winter can be transformed into fall. Such is the magic of Photoshop, but reality is never dismissed. This is essential. The goal is to use the computer as an electronic canvas and the various tools akin to a painters brushes in order to take the photo a direction that only imagination and digital manipulation can. Aesthetic beauty is paramount as pixels lead the way while being pushed, altered, combined and even fractured by the various toning and shaping methods employed.It is no revelation to state that photography is not what it once was and will never be again. But the camera today serves the same function as it always has. The difference lies in the new digital darkroom, of course. This is where even the most casual snapshot can transcend the mundane and become a beguiling picture in the right hands. The challenge that technology has laid down for every photographer aspiring to make art is to appropriately master the means to harness it’s capabilities. Beyond even that is the lure.. no, the necessity… to apply imagination to those means and let it roam. Painters have always been free to do this in their realm and now the capability has fully arrived for the photographer. Chance still favors the trained eye, but the ability to take the resulting image beyond ordinary, and embellish it past technical excellence with the stamp of personal vision is both the present and the future.Pixeltone compositions are an exploration of mood and place, the means to meld a painterly sensibility into photographic imagery while blending harmonious characteristics of both.


Charles exhibits in the Museum of Computer Art (MOCA) of which this is a distinguised member website.